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Mogelholt A/S

One of Denmark's leading breeders of quality pigs

Breeder of Yorkshire sows and breeding LY gilts for resale. We have herds of purebred breeding sows, gilts and slaughter animals that we produce ourselves until slaughter. With years of experience and care, we can offer some of the best pigs on the market.


Welcome to Mogelholt

At Mogelholt, we are dedicated to our mission in producing good breeding animals. Mogelholt is known for delivering high-quality animals and we take pride in our ongoing dedication to supplying healthy and well-functioning pigs.

Spread across farms in both North and East Jutland, we currently have purebred Yorkshire breeding sows, LY gilts and slaughter animals. At our successful production units we are constantly able to follow our produced animals.

We are constantly working to refine our breeding programs. Currently we use Danish Genetics to create the best genetic potential for our customers.

Shared success

Words from our partners

“We were introduced to Mogelholt in January 2022. It was our veterinarian who recommended Mogelholt due to a long and stable health controls without reinfections for many years. We have 4,800 sows in our Mogelholt breeding program, and we consistently achieve highly satisfactory results with a farrowing rate ranging between 39 and 41.7 pigs per sow per year on all 4 sow locations.
Our growing pigs are healthy and stable, and we can follow them to our Danish buyers at 55% of the piglets who experience increasing slaughter results, just as we do from 7-30 kg. Our sodality at farm level is between 7-13% depending on the type of housing.”

Christian Søndergaard
Søndergård Landbrug

Focus on health

Your guarantee of quality pigs

We place great emphasis on maintaining a high level of infection control in our herds. This is essential to ensure our animals thrive and stay healthy, while meeting the necessary requirements to maintain the highest SPF health status: red status. 

HSH Agro

Farming with responsibility

HSH Agro is our independent agricultural company. We understand the importance of our fields as a crucial resource to produce quality crops and support our animal production.

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We are committed to being a good and honest supplier because our customers are close partners and their success is our success.

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About us

Decades of breeding work

For generations, at Mogelholt, we have accumulated the knowledge that now enables us to achieve high genetic returns. On our breeding farm, we maintain purebred Yorkshire sows, which serve as the foundation for our LY gilt production.

Through DNA testing, we are able to refine our breeding programs and produce some of the best pigs on the market.