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We value healthy animals and have red SPF health status

The highest SPF health status


Health is one of our major focus points. Our crews have the highest SPF health status: Red. Our crews receive ongoing in-depth training in infection control and good hygiene.

Our many years of experience in breeding has resulted in a high standard of healthy and robust animals.

The path to quality pigs


To maintain and improve the purity of the breed, we have introduced the practice of DNA sampling.

The DNA samples allow us to accurately identify and record the genetic material of our pigs. This allows us to track family history, genetic traits and health information with great accuracy.

The use of DNA samples helps to maintain the desired genetic traits in our purebred animals and enables selective breeding to improve breed standards over time. This is essential to maintain productivity and quality.

For instance, we can identify any signs of reduced fertility at each stage and make proactive adjustments to ensure that the specific trait is not perpetuated through breeding. This approach also provides us with a more profound understanding of the genetic material, contributing to improved results in the breeding process


Healthy pigs lead to good production.

Infection control

We place great emphasis on maintaining a high level of infection control in our herds. This is essential to ensure that our animals thrive and stay healthy, while meeting the necessary requirements to maintain our red status. Here are some of the measures we have implemented:

Access control and visitor restriction

Our herds are carefully segregated from the outside world and access to the barn is highly regulated. Visitors and staff follow strict hygiene and disinfection procedures, including the use of protective clothing, special footwear and washing up.

Hygiene procedures

We follow strict guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting stables, equipment and transportation.

Isolation of sick animals

If we observe signs of illness in our pigs, we immediately isolate them from the healthy animals to prevent further spread of infection. We consult our veterinarians for appropriate treatment and diagnosis.

Regular monitoring and testing

Our crew undergoes regular monitoring and testing for infectious diseases. This ensures that we can identify and address potential problems in time and in accordance with the applicable requirements. We have regular vet visits to keep a close eye on the health of the herd.

Education and training

Our staff are thoroughly trained in infection control procedures and are continuously updated on new initiatives. We understand the importance of maintaining high standards of infection control, which is essential to protect our cattle and our business. We are committed to maintaining a healthy and productive herd and complying with all relevant infection control laws and regulations in our area.
Our goal is to ensure that our pigs are in the best possible condition and can contribute to successful production.