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Breeding animals

Breeding purebred Yorkshire sows and producing LY gilts

Danish Genetics partner

We are Danish Genetic partners. This means focusing on more output for less input. We always balance within the following categories: efficiency, growth, reproduction, robustness, maternal traits and carcass quality. This goes directly to the bottom line and ensures more sustainable breeding, less environmental pollution and healthier animals.

Categories in balance

Landrace and Yorkshire

F1 LY-gilts

First-time crossing between Landrace and Yorkshire.

The landrace, which makes up one part of the LY-pole, is well known for its impressive maternal traits and high fertility. This makes the breed particularly suitable for breeding purposes and ensures that a high standard of healthy offspring is maintained.

The second part of the LY-gilt is made up of the Yorkshire breed, which has gained recognition for its high meat quality. Yorkshire pigs are known for their exquisite meat, making them highly sought after in the slaughter industry. This breed adds premium meat quality to the combination and contributes positively to the overall quality of the breeding stock.

If you use the Duroc boar with your LY gilts, you'll get full utilization of the three breeds and end up with a premium finisher with high daily gain.

Fantastic mother animals

The Yorkshire sow

We breed our premium Yorkshire sows ourselves. They are known for their very good maternal traits and fertility. The litters are large with many uniform and vigorous piglets with a high survival rate.

The piglets are social and easy to handle, and feed conversion is also very good in the Yorkshire breed. It originally hails from England. You can recognize it by its long body with light skin and light-coloured bristles, short head and upright ears.